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How Chiropractic Works

Your body communicates to you in ways that you can both respond to and understand. When you’re tired, you sleep; when you're hungry, you eat; when you're in pain, you stop whatever it is that’s causing it. In today’s culture, more often that not, we pop a pill and keep on pushing. Because we ignore painful warning signals, we continue to batter and abuse our physical structure. Symptoms such as:

  • Headaches

  • Neck Pain

  • Numbness, pins and needles in arms and hands

  • Mid and lower back pain

  • Numbness, pins and needles in hips, legs, and feet

  • Fatigue, run-down, under the weather

  • Dizziness, irritability, poor health

… are the body’s way of letting us know we are off track and on the way to chronic pain and illness. 

As you may already know, the nervous system is the master controller of all living cells, tissues and organs; orchestrating and coordinating all cellular functions. Each system, from your heart and blood vessels, to your digestive and immune systems, is directed through nerve impulses originating in your brain or spinal cord that travel through its protective bony structure: the spinal column.


The spinal column houses and protects the spinal cord and nerve roots. Because of this intimate relationship, problems in how well your spine functions or its supporting elements (muscles, tendons, ligaments, etc.) the spinal column can irritate parts of the enclosed nervous system.  Virtually every cell and its function is controlled or influenced by your nervous system and the goal of chiropractic is to help maintain and/or restore function and wellness by careful attention to your body’s own healing ability.

Because chiropractic treatments are primarily applied to the spinal region, many individuals incorrectly assume that chiropractors treat only back and neck ailments. While we do quickly and effectively eliminate back and neck pain, it's not the only goal. The objective is to restore and optimize health. 




Chiropractic Adjustment


Chiropractic care is best known for its use of the adjustment, sometimes called manipulation.  An adjustment is a precise procedure in which the trained Doctor of Chiropractic exerts specific corrective pressure at specific places on your spine or other joint.  When a thorough examination reveals joints that are not in proper function, adjustments are applied to correct joint alignment, mobility, relieve associated muscle and nerve tension, improve balance and assist healing in additon to relief of pain.

Excersise Rehabilitation (Active Therapy)

Chiropractic rehabilitation involves the restoration and proper joint function of the spine or extremities, and the strengthening of supporting muscles and soft tissues.  This will usually involve specific spinal adjustments, combined with a program of stretching, resistance training, and exercises to improve muscle tone.
Dr. Knight encourages an at home stretching program to reduce pain and speed your recovery and .  However, some types of injures will require the use of specialized equipment to isolate and strengthen specific areas of the spine. 

Decompression Therapy


Decompression adjustments, commonly referred to as flexion-distraction, is a gentle, non-force adjusting procedure which works with the body's natural design to aid it in healing properly. It may help relieve pain from disc herniations, failed back surgery syndromes, leg pain, sciatica, ruptured discs, herniated discs, slipped discs, low back pain, facet syndrome, bulging discs, spondylolisthesis, transitional segment, rib subluxations, thoracic spine pain, scoliosis, sprain/strain, disc prolapse, etc. Acute back pain and spinal pain as well as subacute back pain and chronic back pain can be addressed.

Passive Therapy


Dr. Knight may use any of the following forms of therapy to help provide back pain relief, decrease swelling, promote muscle tone and reduce spasm, and speed the healing process.

  • Electrical Stimulation

  • Intersegmental Traction

  • Ultrasound

  • Lumbar or Cervical Traction

  • Hot/Cold Packs



Years of Experience


Happy Patients


Awesome Doctor


“Dr. Knight is one of the best chiropractors I have had adjust my back and hips. He is kind, sincere, asks questions and lets you explain what is happening to you.”

Dr. Joen P.

“Dr. Knight is a very personable, caring and knowledgeable chiropractic doctor. I have been a patient now for over two years. I highly recommend Dr. Knight and ValleyChiropractic for anyone seeking chiropractic care.”

"Dr Knight has saved me more than once, he has even planned me into his appointments with just a email. I would recommend Dr Knight here in the Buckeye area. Thank you!‎"

Stacy E.


"I went to see Dr. Knight after a car accident I was in a lot of pain although it was not a quick fix I did leave feeling a little better and look forward to my next visit
Update: I have been about 15 times. He is a great guy and does wonders"

Keith C.

I saw Dr. Knight last week for the first time. As a seasonal visitor, I was unsure of the options available but the google reviews led me to Dr. Knight. I was very impressed with his pleasant demeanor and professionalism. He will be my go to when I am in Buckeye! Thank you Dr. Knight!

Lori L.


Dr. Daniel L. Knight


Dr. Daniel Knight  was born and raised in southern Arizona.  After earning a Bachelors of Science degree in Physiological Science from the University of Arizona he was fortunate to attend the most prestigious chiropractic college, Palmer Chiropractic College in Davenport, IA.  Even though Dr.  Knight graduated with honors, his education did not end.  He continues to strengthen his understanding of diagnosis and treatment of spine and other joint disorders.


Dr. Knight loves being a chiropractor in Buckeye, AZ.  He has been able to treat thousands of patients with a variety of conditions and symptoms, as well as those who are just looking to maintain or improve their health.  For some, it was their last resort before surgery or after nothing else helped; while for others, it was just wanting to enjoy life with less pain and discomfort.


Dr. Knight places great value on the importance of families. Dr. Knight and his wife Kara are the proud parents of 4 children and are excited and enthusiastic to serve the families of the Buckeye Valley.



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